Halloween Drawing Challenge

Hello! Yes, it is me. I took a brief hiatus from this blog. I was going through some personal things and then I hit the dreaded block. It is easy to write when I don’t stop, but when I have any break it is difficult. The same is true for my art. This year I decided to do a Halloween challenge on Instagram to shake things up: #mabsdrawlloween.

Probably for the best, I did not realize that many people would spend more time on their drawings or do much more and that a lot of people would do things ahead of time. My drawings have been simple, but aside from yesterday (because I wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful autumnal weather and decided I’d rather do my alien drawing awake) I have been able to stay on top of the prompts. Some of them I’m more proud of than others, but it has jarred in me that I do still have talent left in me and I do need to just get myself into doing every day. I owe it to myself.

I’ve found that I have been looking forward to doing it, but also I have felt hesitation almost like I don’t want to indulge myself as I could just do it forever and what if I am wrong that I am any good… That was certainly not expected. I don’t even understand why I have felt that way. Once I start creating I feel good. I’m unhappy in other areas of my life and it is a bit scary to just let go and be myself. I am working through these drawings creating them on the spot. This is my way of getting the cobwebs out and hopefully reinvigorating my art practice.

My favorites so far are the mothman and gremlin mostly because I was stuck on how to do something for those days and ended up with two creatures that I think look more or less how I’d want them to look and easily on the spot came up with backstories for them which was delightful. I see things I would change, but the point was that I just let go and explored the idea without any preconceived notions and I allowed myself to just be creative and solve the problem. I’m enjoying these prompts and I hope I can find more for after this month just to have a starting point each day.

I also mocked up plans for a stuffed animal werewolf, which I am quite happy with and I’ve actually have thought of other friends for him I’d like to make as well.

Mab herself even “liked” one of my drawings which felt very nice to be seen. The beauty of this is I’m gaining my confidence again. I have a creative mind and I need a life that reflects that. I’m debating doing NaNoWriMo for next month. After this month I don’t want to stop doing a daily drawing. I need to believe in my dreams again.

I think one thing that I didn’t know when I was younger that I see now is that the things that I love that come easily to me aren’t something everyone can do. I am special. Yes, everyone can make art and write, but not like me. I should never have let anyone get in the way of that and practice makes things seem easier, but I do have natural talents and I need to work hard at keeping them sharp if only for my sanity. How my life is now is not sustainable long-term. I need more. I deserve more. One of the best things this challenge has done for me is that I see other people doing their thing and I feel inspired in my own art. I am not like other people and that is a good thing. I’m an artist. We are all kind of weirdos, but in a good way.

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  1. j2w7 says:

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🏆🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 P.S. You’re fantastic! What a great post!-JW


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