Random Things I Want to Learn

I’ve been feeling bored. I’m in a rut. I felt like I kept having the same day over and over. So, instead of living in Groundhog Day since I am not one to wallow in this I have decided to take up ukulele. Why ukulele you may ask? Why not?! How could one be unhappy with a ukulele?! Also, I learned you can get a decent quality one for $60 (and cheaper ones if you like) and I’ve never really tried to learn something like this which is good enough to me. I just got it, but I’m already having a blast (I got it yesterday and learned how to tune it and play London Bridges…sort of).

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 12.38.13 PM.png
This is my brand new hobby! Uke Love!

I recently took StrengthsFinder. For those of you that are unfamiliar this is a personality test normally administered at work in which you find out your top strengths (instead of focusing on weaknesses, the idea is to hone your skills that you are naturally inclined towards). You can also take it individually by buying the book. My results where not shocking, but were a good reminder of what makes me feel happy in life and ways to maximize my happiness.

My Top 5 Strengths (briefly summarized):


I am awesome at coming up with new ideas and connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated things. I can easily generate a lot of ideas on the spot as a general rule and I need to remember that people can assume I have strong feelings about ideas that literally just came to me.


It is pretty straight forward, but I love learning. I also learn by teaching (which I also find great joy from doing). I need to learn.


I need time to think deeply. I’m someone that both works with the small details and the big picture. I am always thinking and I love gathering knowledge. I’m a big reader.


I like making progress and checking things off my list. I need to stay productive and I need no help staying on task as I’m very motivated by getting things accomplished. I do like getting recognized for my hard work however.


Where as other people might need more time or be thrown by change I love a good challenge so I am inclined to constantly be trying new things. I love technology because it never stays still for long. I always need to learn on my feet.

All-in-all I think it paints a picture of someone that loves learning, teaching, and thinking deeply. After taking this test I thought to myself no wonder I’ve been feeling restless as I can’t remember the last time I truly took up something totally new and foreign to me. I need to learn new things and not just improve upon things I already know. I also need to jump in and try totally new experiences.

Here in no particular order is a limited list of some of the things I would like to learn or improve upon significantly (clearly with ideation at the top it means I could come up with a lot more than these, but I think it is also important to get this published and not write constantly and never get on to do any of the things on the list).

  1. Play the Ukulele (Yay! I’m working on that now!)
  2. Play Piano
  3. Become Fluent in Mandarin (writing, reading, and speaking)
  4. Learn How to Oil Paint
  5. Become Better at Watercolor Painting
  6. Learn French
  7. Create an Animated Short with Technology and Methods I’ve not Used
  8. Learn More Graphic Design Skills (I’m already doing Lynda.com and looking at going to school for a certificate for this to get better.)
  9. Sew a Custom Autumn Coat
  10. Crochet a Cute Creature
  11. Knit a Wonder Woman sweater
  12. Learn How to Swim with Sharks and Go Diving
  13. Take a Statistics Class
  14. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes (aka learn speed work)
  15. Cook/Bake/Make a new dish
  16. Learn the History of one country or person
  17. More Wilderness Skills (you can never know too much)
  18. Learn more Wildlife Rehabilitation Skills (because I love saving animals including having them literally eat out of my hand)
  19. Sew myself a Camera Bag
  20. Be able to identify more flowers and birds by sight/sound
  • Bonus: I also want to learn archery, but I don’t want to hunt so I’m not really sure the best way to learn it outside of that atmosphere (I did try it in high school once and was pretty good the one day we got to do it).

I will of course have to create goals and subgoals for any of these, but I thought it would be fun to pull together a few things I want to learn so if I am feeling bored I can look at this and remember how important it is for me to always be learning new things be it improving upon skills I already have or jumping right in and learning something totally new.

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