January 2017 Health Review: I Quit Facebook and Lost 10 lbs

At the end of November I wrote a post about quitting Facebook. I have checked it once or twice since then when I needed to contact someone or find out when an event was yet by and large I have not used it…and I’ve not missed it. Gone is the twitch to check it. I rarely start typing in Facebook without thinking of it as I did daily before. It still happens occasionally when I have a rare lazy day, but overall I don’t think of it anymore. While I know I’m missing out on some events I can accept that. I have made plenty of mistakes, but one of my biggest was letting Facebook become a daily part of my life.

I have replaced Facebook to some extent with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Happy Scale. Not that it is great to still be checking my phone so much, but I’d rather replace it with checking on my fitness and meal planning goals.

I remember thinking how much time it took to enter my food. It seems like nothing now in comparison to all the wasted hours on Facebook.

I have been actively tracking my food and activity every day for about two months since quitting Facebook. I have lost 10 pounds so far.


Overall I feel a lot less stressed like I did when I was on Facebook. I have found that I have less cravings and I’m a lot more in control of emotional eating. Part of this is that I am keeping out overwhelming things like Facebook. I still check the news in the morning, but I am just reading established news sources such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC, NBC, BBC News, and NPR (among others). I don’t read the comments or get involved in online conversations on politics (a wise word of advice to anyone that wants to stay sane). I get information and move on.

Also, by having more time freed up from using Facebook I have more time to meal plan and track my calories so I feel more satisfied and there are not as many situations where I am weak to treats, because I have planned and am able to adjust as needed.

Turns out I don’t have as big of an issue with emotional eating as I thought. I actually have come a long way. My issue was one of getting stressed out over Facebook and not spending enough time and energy on tweaking what I was doing to set me up for success with my health.

I have so far lost 10 lbs in a large part because I have replaced the time I would have been on Facebook with focusing on my health goals.

It isn’t to say this getting healthy thing has been easy, but it is getting easier. I truly don’t miss Facebook and I’ve been having fun learning more about my nutrition needs and how to feel full, happy, and healthy.

Maybe I’ll log into Facebook again in the future, but now that I’ve stepped away and replaced it with healthier options I can’t imagine it ever consuming my time the same way just as I can’t imagine eating junk food regularly. I don’t crave junk food just as I no longer crave Facebook. I do however crave good uses of my time…and an occasional piece of high quality cake. I suppose you could say I’m just cutting out the junk and focusing on what makes me happy and healthy. For me that was cutting out Facebook.