Recovering from Dropping the Ball


We’ve all had it happen at one point or another. We drop the ball. When you realize it you get that sinking feeling. How do you rebound?

I just got back to my place from helping out a sick family member to realize an important email I sent did not in fact go through, so it is top of mind for me tonight. I normally would double and triple check. I am always so on top of things like that, but my focus was taking care of my family (something I obviously do not regret at all).

I had that immediate awful feeling, but the truth is that this is unfortunate timing and I’m human. I was honest with them and let them know I thought the email went through and that I have been helping my family.

I think the first step to recovering from dropping the ball is to just give yourself a break and realize that often what you see as terrible is not so bad, and even if it is bad, what is done is done. Look at it objectively. Can you learn from this? Do you need less on your plate? Do you need to just accept sometimes life throws a lot your way and sometimes mistakes happen? Are you overanalyzing this? When it comes down to it no matter what dwelling on a mistake is not going to make it better.

Sometimes you need to just be proud of yourself in those moments for everything you are succeeding at and not minimize what you are doing well. More then anything you need to keep perspective and not hold onto the past. Be genuine. Be kind. Be gentle with yourself.

In the moment, I am proud of myself that while I did eat my popcorn snack at an alarmingly fast rate, I did not eat more then was already planned. I did let emotions and stress get to me momentarily, but I turned to something healthy that I already had in my food plan for the day. I stopped myself from overeating and didn’t let it get out of hand. As someone that in the past has turned to food for comfort from stress this is huge.

I am proud that I have a family I love and that I was able to help them be it trips to the hospital, buying groceries, teaching them how to knit, or just sharing a simple laugh. When it comes down to it close family and friends are what matter most to us all (or at least they should).

I might be a little upset with myself that I can’t do it all and that I occasionally drop the ball. Truth is I will do the best I can right now. Maybe it will be enough and maybe it won’t, but I will let go and just give myself a fresh start. So if you drop the ball keep it in perspective, don’t dwell on it, and remember the important things in life are about love and kindness.


 image via Giphy