Happy New Year! Time to Make a Resolution

Happy New Year!


It is time to make a new resolution! Many people hate on resolutions. Some will say they love goals, not resolutions. My friends, I’m here to say that I love resolutions and goals. Maybe it is that kiddish part of me, but I love that idea of a new year’s resolution. I think it is great to have a decision to do something or not to and then to have goals to back it up.

  1. 1.
    a firm decision to do or not to do something.

If you don’t have a resolution already here is one or two that you can share with me:

I love and appreciate myself inside and out. I resolve to treat myself with loving kindness and to be a great friend to myself. I also resolve to appreciate and love those around me and not let anyone be taken for granted, myself included.

Now isn’t that nice? So on to the goals.


Your goals will look different from mine, but here is an activity to try to start you out in this resolution of self-love.

Find 10 things you love about your mind/heart/spirit and 10 that you love about your body. The number is arbitrary and you can mix and match. The idea is to appreciate yourself for who you are inside and out.

The reason for having so many physical things is that I find people (mostly female people) tend to have a harder time with that, but feel free to just list any 20 things you love about yourself.

You can blog it, write it in a private journal, or even share it on Instagram as a challenge (#loveyourselfchallenge2017). You can make them notes you post on your mirror. You can write it out as a letter to yourself or a list or dole them out daily. Do whatever makes sense to you and is doable for you.

The idea is to really think about what you like about yourself and how whatever you might want to change about yourself is a reflection of not what is wrong with you, but rather love and care for yourself. If you want to get in better shape make it about how you want to be kind to your body and treat it with respect, not that you are deficient in some way. If you want to be better at saving and investing money don’t make it about how you failed to do so before. Instead resolve to spend money in a way the benefits you the most long term. The whole idea is that you can have even the traditional resolution/goals, but reframe it all into self-love if you haven’t already done so.

To get the ball rolling here are 2 things that I love about myself in no particular order.

I love that I care deeply about animals. I get great joy from helping animals. I volunteer my time saving wildlife and I have a few rescue pets at home. Most recently I have been able to help some ducklings born in December! I love that I still have a childlike innocence and excitement around animals. I also love that I’m always learning more (like bread is not good for ducks, but you can give them frozen peas. Finally! A good use for frozen peas, because yuck.)


The second thing I will list is that I love my legs. They have held me up and gotten me from place to place be it when I was overweight or in amazing shape. They have run up mountains. They have powered me through races and walked all day in cities and trails. They have biked, hiked, and jumped. They look nice and strong with minimal effort on my part, but more than that they are strong and even when I’m not in the best of shape I know their potential. They are beautiful. They are powerhouses. I am lucky to have legs that work so well.

My resolution is to continue to be kind to myself, to appreciate myself and others, and to have a great time and save some animals. Cheers to a great new year!

Love Always, Jenny

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