Good Things in 2017

This year in particular I feel the need to have things to look forward to so in 2017 I am focusing on a year of simplicity. I no longer am needing to just get through things. I want to improve my life, but I think I have finally caught my breath. I know something could happen at any point, but after the past few years I know I can weather the storms and most likely I will be just fine in the end.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit on resolutions or maybe I’m late in doing a thankful list, but I was feeling rather blue today and a little bit of cabin fever (but not quite enough to go out into subzero weather just yet). I need to focus on the good things coming. I feel restless today. I want to go to the mountains, but they must wait for now.

Thinking about what I want from my life and what I am looking forward to or planning it all comes down to that I want simple things that will bring me joy and prevent stress. It is easy to get caught up in doom and gloom.

In 2017…

I will be able to pay off a huge chunk of debt that I have been working on for a little under a year. I am hoping this allows me to breathe a little easier. If nothing else I can put the nail in the coffin of the past few years and not think about it. I want so badly to be putting that money into investments and savings so it will feel good to move on.


I also will be visiting people and spending time in nature. I am looking forward to bonfires on Lake Superior and walks in the woods and supporting my artist friends. I don’t see many of my friends often enough. I was so lucky to listen to one of my dear friends sing a few weeks ago. It was wonderful and nice to support her. We all get so busy.


I also intend to spend more time drinking good coffee/tea and reading. In all seriousness I don’t read very much at all outside of articles online. I tried an ambitious challenge to read an average of a book a day to encourage myself (and to read up on children’s books), but I forgot about it as 2016 got underway. This year I am instead going to try to read at least 30 minutes at night. I love reading. I just got out of the habit. Currently, one book that I am reading is on indoor kitchen gardening.


There is a room in the house that is going unused except for a mess of art supplies (that I need to organize so I can start making things). I will be going through those and making way for my new indoor garden project. I will start at first with things that can be grown from what I can get at the supermarket (plants that grow from scraps, butter lettuce that is sold with roots, and sprouts). We will see how that goes and then when summer comes I will try some other things. I might even attempt a tomato plant. That would be a challenge, but I think I might just try it (and make yummy pasta salads with fresh greens, herbs, and tomatoes from my garden like the picture below).


This will be helpful in so many ways. I have grown to love cooking. It is enjoyable to garden and this is a way to keep it going in winter. I get anxiety from shopping sometimes and I get overwhelmed. If this can save me some runs to the grocery store it will be well worth it. It will be much cheaper to grow my own food. I will experiment with recipes, but also with food photography so it will be nice to have extremely fresh ingredients on hand.

I want to improve my photography in 2017. In general I need to be creating more. I feel the need to create. I wish I got to do more in my day-to-day life, but for the meantime I will do what I can here and there.

For one, I have an idea for an experimental video project that has been rattling around in my head for a long time that I am going to do in 2017. I also want to take more photos, to paint pictures, to draw more, and just create as much as I can. The truth is that all I really want to do in life is create things and help animals and people.

I am also looking forward to enjoying my pets and seeing the kitten I adopted this summer grow up. He has been such a joy in our lives.


And yes, I am also looking forward to be healthier, happier, and hopefully wiser in 2017. It may be a bit early to say this (but just a bit).

Happy New Year!