Most of my life I have been an artist. I took for granted that it takes me minutes to create something new and unique. I can illustrate, paint, sculpt, sew, or pretty much anything else. But somewhere along the line I got self-conscious and stopped making things. I lost my daily artistic practice.

So I am setting aside expectations. I am going to approach my art again with the love I had as a child.

I was told once that I am brave. I take the largest piece of paper. I go to work. I don’t hold back and I’m not tentative. I simply create. And what I create is beautiful.

At this point I see my art as being a missing piece of myself. I need to practice in order to regain the skills I once had, but I also need to give myself credit. Within minutes I doodled a cat, a wolf, and a werewolf (and several others) with very little planning.

As such, I am making myself a promise from here on out to do at least one creative thing a day including at least one daily doodle. I want to be able to once again draw with more intention, but this free form drawing without much thought or planning is a way to get the cobwebs cleaned up. And besides…the world needs more werewolves.