Clinging to Hope in an Uncertain World

To say I am emotionally spent is an understatement. I am struggling to feel positive, but I feel it is important to remember that despite what it might feel there are good things happening and there is hope. This was an election like none other and the end of the election has done nothing to end the tensions. This was not about Republican or Democrat. I am not alone in feeling emotionally drained, stunned, and scared about what we are seeing. I am scared for the people that are being targeted by hateful and ignorant people and my heart is heavy. And thinking of today and those that have served our country…I am scared for our military (thank you all for your sacrifices to keep us safe).

However, there is good news and ways to keep this in perspective. To be perfectly honest, I am quite literally too tired to write more today, but I wanted to share some good news. It is important to note that while bigots have felt emboldened by the results of the election that we remember they are not in fact the majority. Clinton won the popular vote (all be it by a slim margin), there are supporters of Trump that did not believe in those things yet feel he can bring back jobs, and a huge portion people did not vote at all in the election. In fact, about half of Americans that could vote sat this election out. That isn’t exactly good news, but it does indicate that perhaps the problem was more with people feeling they did not have a good alternative more than a majority believe these terrible things.

And there were important glass ceilings shattered by women of color. It is overshadowed by the presidential results, but this was a historic election despite the highest glass ceiling remaining unbroken.

And while there have been scary instances of hate and increased bullying, there also has been a response of love and acceptance in the face of that and peaceful protests.

I truly believe this news has encouraged racist, sexist, and xenophobic people yet I also believe that it is lighting the fire in others to stand up against what many had wrongfully been blind to see. I am enraged at the news I am hearing and I feel scared, but I see how many people are reacting against this hate and I remember this is the same country that voted in an African-American twice. There is hope.

That isn’t to say I haven’t, and don’t continue, to question my hope. We are divided in many ways. We are all fed up. But I feel like I need to continue to fight as do all Americans that believe that America can’t go backwards. We must move forward and if nothing else hopefully this is a wake up call.

I wish I could write more or be more eloquent, but to be honest I feel physically and emotionally tired. I am scared. The world is uncertain. Yet, I find hope. This is a set back and we are in a divided nation…but I refuse to believe we are without hope.

It is hard to stomach. I am struggling personally with fear for loved ones and for the world. Yet, as hard as this is I am looking at all the good people that are standing up. One small way to show support of it to wear a safety pin. This is a way of showing you are a safe space for those targeted by hate. If you know me personally and need a safety pin let me know. As a runner I have some to spare. We need to do much more to combat this ugliness, but this is a small thing that you can do to show your support.


I’m scared and uncertain, but hopeful. I still believe in America.