Happy Halloween 2016!

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. That being said, I like a family friendly Halloween. I’m not much for horror movies. I like a Halloween that transforms me into an 8 year old. This year there is a new event called Pumpkin Nights. It was magical and it inspired me to make my own pumpkin light display next year.


We had a chance to talk to the main artist and she let us know that they all were made with regular fake pumpkins and carved with regular pumpkin carving tools or a Dremel tool. They then put LED lights inside them. It is super impressive what they came up with an I highly recommend checking it out this weekend.


It is hard to pick a favorite, but the Harry Potter inspired log cabin hallway took my breath away. The floors are lined with pumpkins, pumpkins hang from the ceiling, magical music plays in the background making me want to waltz, and the fog that comes and goes smells like pumpkin spice. Heaven!

There is something for everyone from Day of the Dead…


to pirates and under the sea…



to a garden with magical creatures including a pumpkin cat! There is even more, but I will leave the rest a surprise.


Other awesome Halloween happenings this weekend are the Barebones Halloween Extravaganza evenings starting at 7:00pm at Hidden Falls in St. Paul and of course the amazing Anoka Halloween activities! Happy Halloween!

And as my treat to you here is a picture of my new kitten that I got for my birthday!

Happy Halloween from PumpkinBoo!pumpkinboo1.jpg

 Love Always, Jenny