4 Ways We are Honorary Gilmore Girls

[Note: This was written before the Gilmore Girls Revival in which the show was a bit ruined for us. In summary, my mom and I are way cooler than the Gilmore Girls. Maybe in time I will be able to block it out and just focus on the original show. Either way, my mom is the best!]

A few months ago I read an article about the pros and cons of your mom being your best friend. For anyone that knows me knows that my mom is my best friend so of course I was interested. While I could relate to many of the pros she listed I also found that all the negatives that the author listed did not apply for me and my mom. Also if you know me, you know I am a huge fan of the Gilmore Girls (to the tune of I am actually getting Netflix just so my mom and I can watch the 4 part series together). So what better way to celebrate having an amazing mom best friend than talk about one of our favorite shows.


I know that I am extremely lucky that I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and it is unique, but in honor of mom/daughter besties everywhere as we anticipate the return of our beloved Gilmores with a short list of some of the reasons why we are Honorary Gilmore Girls (and there are no negatives to being best friends with your mom).

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My mom has the best taste of anyone I know: music, television, books, coffee. We have almost identical taste to be honest. The other article I mentioned complained that their mom has bad taste in television shows and makes her watch them. My mom has amazing taste and never would force me to watch something. I have been known to give books to my mom to read first in part because she has more time, but also because I know that if she likes it I invariably will too and I trust her taste implicitly (and I do this for her with television shows and movies). Like Lorelai, my mom often saves things for us to watch together, because she knows what I will like and it is just so much more fun to watch together. On this front and many more she is totally my Lorelai Gilmore.


guidepost.gifI look to my mom on important matters in my life. I have best friends, like Rori has Lane, so we don’t need to share everything (and some things are private, another negative the other article pointed out and I disagree on). It is my mom whose advice I most want and need when I’m struggling with a decision or trying to puzzle something out. She understands me better than anyone and since she loves me unconditionally I know I can tell her anything. It isn’t like I tell her everything, but she has all the important facts. She has not had the easiest life in some ways, but where other people could feel sorry for themselves or be bitter to the world my mom is an inspiration. Like Lorelai, my mom is fierce in a quiet way that impresses me. She uses humor to lighten situations and isn’t willing to take guff from anyone (including me). She is my guidepost for everything (my dad too for the record).


Sometimes you just need a good cry and for me it is always my mom that I can count on to listen and give me a huge hug. She is always there for me when I need her. Like Rori, I’ve had relationship issues and it is always mom that will be there to give advice and help pick up the pieces (even when she gave me advice to drop a toxic person and I instead gave up my power). I’ve struggled with anxiety and low self-esteem and the pressure of school at times like Rori, but because like Rori I have a strong support system (in my case including both parents and great friends) I am able to work through things eventually. One of the most valuable parts of being best friends with my mom is that she has seen the ugly and still loves me and sees me as a flawed individual that is growing and trying hard to constantly improve. And likewise I am always there for my mom. I am so blessed to be able to be there for her when she needs me too, because I am her best friend.


Like the Gilmore Girls my mom and I just get each other. She always makes me laugh. We share the same quirky sense of humor. When I think of my other friends it is the people that remind me of my mom that I end up connecting with and those are the people that it is never work to make conversation. We can be as weird as we want to be and it is not only okay, but it is encouraged.


I think the Gilmore Girls is one of the few shows that ended on the exact perfect note so I’m a little nervous, but also very excited to see the characters we love.

Heres to my mom and other mom/daughters that are best friends!