Ways to Treat Yo’ Self (on a budget)

I love self-care lists and the idea of treating yourself and while sometimes it is okay to splurge when you are on a budget it can be a bit disappointing to be told to buy yourself a fancy coffee drink or massage when you are trying to be good. While I too love buying the occasional Starbucks and getting a massage, I think you can treat yourself without breaking the budget. A lot of this you probably already know are amazing, but how long has it been since you had a day where you did these easy nice things for yourself?

Here are some budget friendly treats (no tricks)!

  1. Luxuriate in a Bubble bath: Having a nice relaxing bubble bath is magical and inexpensive. You don’t need super expensive bath things to feel special. Likewise, if you aren’t a bubble bath person I don’t believe you…okay, okay. If you aren’t a bubble bath person take a nice, long, hot shower. Ah! You can feel all the stress washing off.giphy.gif

  2. Cuddle Up in a Hot Towel and/or PJs: Once you get done with your lovely bath (or shower) wrap yourself up in a towel fresh out of the dryer. It is even better if you can get into some warm jammies afterwards.

  3. Make a Yummy Drink:
    A nice cup of joe or tea can really hit the spot and if you make it at home it is a small investment even if you get the fancy stuff. 6358860149418267081815346943_quote-1If you have anxiety be careful to not have too much caffeine (or too fast), but it can be a nice relaxing thing to do in the A.M. (at night it can mess with your sleep). I almost never drink coffee to be alert. I do it to enjoy it. Right now I’m loving Apple Cider Donut Coffee cut in half with vanilla almond milk. Yum!

  4. Read a Book: giphy-4.gifConfession time…I don’t read as many books as I’d like and sometimes I’m not reading any at all. I am constantly reading newspaper/magazine articles, blog posts, and social media posts. However, I have found I stopped reading much long form prose. I am personally working on this one. Reading books (especially fiction) require attention. We get shorter attention spans when we don’t read longer form works. The great thing about reading is also that you can’t multitask (unless you are listening to audiobooks in the car). Check out what your local library has to offer or if a friend can loan you a book. Just be sure not to overdo it. It won’t help to have to worry about returning 50 books or having too many options where you stress about how to focus on reading one.

  5. Enjoy the Outdoors: You don’t have to love running to spend time outside (although trail running is addictive and awesome). You can go for a walk or even just sit and enjoy the view. While it is sometimes hard to see other people taking lavish trips if you are not in that position don’t feel bad (easier said than done, but not comparing your life to others is a huge step in personal wellness). I can say from personal experience it will not do you any good to envy those people. Instead, I am working on enjoying what is in easy reach and doing serious planning for the future so I can have the lifestyle I want. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to a day trip with a little gas money or even just walk around in your neighborhood in the meantime.IMG_1079

  6. Dance Your Cares Away: If the weather outside is Northland you might want to stay indoors. What then? Treat yourself to a dance party (even if it is just you). Put on some music you love and cut loose! I’d recommend some Fitz and the Tantrums, Motown, or ’80s Madonna. giphy-3.gif

  7. Go thrifting with $10 or $20: Yes, this one does cost some money, but at a good thrift store $10 or $20 can get you some nice stuff. You have $10 to spend and you can’t get anything you don’t love or need. Don’t buy things just to have more things, but thrifting can be a fun game if you actually really do need clothes. You also can donate two things for every one you snag. Just make sure you follow through. One way to do this is donate on your way into Goodwill (or wherever). I actually have started to donate more like two bags for every couple of items I can get for $10-$20. That way I have already cleared out some space and it won’t simply be creating clutter.giphy-5.gif

    There are a lot of free or nearly free things to do to treat yo’ self. One of the best parts is you probably already know things you can do that would brighten your day without breaking the bank. So my challenge to you is create a personal treat yo’ self list. This can include buying that fancy pumpkin spice coffee, but challenge yourself to find free and cheap ways to be kind to yourself. You can find more ideas at SimplySaveMN.com!

If nothing else start with a bubble bath Dumbo style!