Proud to be Slow? Running to Recovery

The Recovery

I feel like at some point almost every runner I know talks about how they ran slow with half apology in their voice. Truthfully, running slow right now is the goal for me and even when it isn’t I have decided to try not to say that anymore. For one, I don’t want to make anyone feel bad if they run slower and honestly for me it is about getting out there and not about being fast. It is about patience with myself, knowing how much to push myself, and most of all having fun. Basically, I don’t want to hurt myself. Sometimes the change we want takes time.

I ran the Polar Dash Yeti Challenge on January 1 and haven’t done much since. Don’t get me wrong. I rocked that. I mean, come on. Just signing up and showing up is some kind of challenge for a January race in St. Paul, MN. Miraculously I didn’t feel any injury pain for any of the Yeti runs (10K, 5K, and 1600 meter), but I have been dealing with an injury that has made me tired a lot of the time. I didn’t know it was the running that was healing my aches and pains.


While it didn’t stop me from working it wore me out by the time I got home each day. It is a slow process, but progress is happening. That doesn’t mean it is not frustrating to be tired and have gained weight. I am not in a job that is active. I’m used to walking 40 minutes at minimum a day before and after work, not driving that amount or more. And I really had to adjust to a work culture that has sweets available all the time and no good restaurants nearby. As an emotional eater I’ve had a reality check…a 30lbs over goal weight reality check.

As such, I was very nervous to do my 10K a few weeks back at Lebanon Hills as my first run since January, but I did it and yes I finished slow but strong and I don’t think I could have done better at this point in my healing and I’m glad I didn’t run faster. It was something amazing. Here I was injured and scared and the running helped heal my body.

The fact that I found out that this is making me get better is the best part. I went to physical therapy today before work and found out that all is going well and (fingers crossed) I should be back to normal soon as long as I find ways to be patient, go slow, but keep moving.


The Race

This week the The Endless Summer Trail Running Series was a 5K at French Regional Park. It was the hardest 5K I have done in a long time (and honestly a lot harder than the 10K a few weeks ago at Lebanon Hills, ironically due to more hills and steeper hills). I tried to get my pace up and my injury started to hurt so I had to slow it down and remember that slow is part of the goal right now (easier said than done). I never hit my stride like I did with the 10K.

I ran this race a couple years back when I had a terrible cold so maybe someday I’ll actually feel awesome for this race, but it still was fun both times. 

It was pretty rough on me, but I loved the weather and the fact that we still had some mud to run through from the storm the night before.

The ESTRS is awesome in general and so I’m not surprised that I had fun. I feel so lucky to be able to do races like these. Running has always helped me so much. It is amazing to know that I can keep running and it actually is helping me get better and gain energy again. I just need to be careful and take it slow. 


As for this specific race, Rocksteady Running and TC Running Co. always do an amazing job. People are very nice and encouraging, the race size is small, pizza and beer are enjoyed by many happy runners, and this time we all got a super sweet book as our swag. I’m most excited about this swag. It is not a book I already own and it looks great at first glance.

I was the dork that ran the entire race with my book in hand because I got there just in time due to forgetting my running bra and needing to make the fastest bra shopping trip ever (well, if not for the super slow cashier).


Somehow I managed to find one and magically it fit and matched my running skirt perfectly (happy accident).

After we started the race I realized that I probably should have set my book down beforehand and just trusted that I’d remember where I put it, but it’s okay. I can pretend I did it on purpose and not just because I was frazzled from my shopping detour.

What is more fitting than the librarian running with her trail running book?


❤ Always Jenny