A Love Letter to My Best Friends

Today is National Best Friends Day so I thought I’d do a quick post to all my best friends.

Here’s to you besties! I love you so much! Some of us are newer friends and some I’ve known forever…and some of you I’m not close with anymore, but I still remember how important we were to each other at one time and for that a part of me will always love you and wish you well. And there are best friends that haven’t been met yet. I look forward to when you read this and say, “Hey! That is me. Way to tell the future, Jenny!” Many of you live too far away and I just wish I could give you a hug and some are close so bring it in friends!

I love you majestic land mermaids.

One thing I have found that is true about all of you is that you bring out the best version of myself. You inspire me to be more myself and to try new things. You are brave and smart and silly. Together we have laughed and shared our doubts and fears. I’m crying openly in a coffee shop writing this right now, because you mean the world to me. I hope you always know how loved you are and that together we can face anything and that I am publicly weeping for my love of you (but I’m not ashamed because I do love you!).

I am alive because of you. My life is better because of you.

We have jumped out of windows to drink wine down by the train tracks and made up our own lines to B movies and not gotten any sleep because we keep laughing.


We have gotten lost and found our own way in the streets of Hong Kong and gone to amazing concerts together.

We have run so many miles and punched our fears of cancer in the face and sent each other silly pictures on Pinterest.

We have supported each other’s writing ambitions, commiserated over crummy bosses, and drank the yummy coffee as we discussed the future and our passions.

We have laughed over our inside jokes and celebrated our silliness to the extreme. We have worked together and cooked great meals and danced our hearts out with no worries or fears of judgement.

And may I just say, you are the babe with the power. David Bowie wouldn’t lie. David Bowie and I are best friends (tell Tony Danza that David Bowie is looking down on him and wishing him well).

We have had those moments of finding that someone loves all the same things you do and of course we are going to watch Disney movies and discuss the finer points of Harry Potter and/or Gilmore Girls.

We have talked about work and love and art and we have challenged each other to think differently. We have talked openly about depression and anxiety and that made getting help okay.

You told me I was beautiful and I believed it because you are too. You have broken my heart and I have broken yours, but you made me feel changed in that important life milestone kind of way.

You have always been my best friend and I will always be yours, because we are both in this for life.

We have had so many memories and I’m certainly missing many people and many memories, but I am writing a blog post (not a book). And there are many more to come and many friends yet to meet.

I love you for helping me be the best version of myself. You inspire me and I love you to the ends of Earth and back. Never doubt my love for you. So treat yo self! Today is your day!  Go look at this list of adorable animal best friends!

Love Always,