Is the Dream Job a Myth?

I would say emphatically ‘no, the dream job is not a myth.’ I think jobs don’t have to be the dream job to be what you need now, but I think as with great loves of other kinds you can learn from what you didn’t like and what you love. You can stay and grow with one or move on if it doesn’t suit you.  Just as with any love, it is not wise to put all your happiness in one place or to disregard that as we mature sometimes we grow out of things and moving on may be the best thing. Then there are the pieces of you that are core to who you are and they never change.

For me, I love teaching and learning and I never have and never will grow out of them. I’m passionate about education. It is a running joke that I will never stop going to school (or seeking opportunities to share what I learn). Currently, I am basking in the glow of my latest degree and taking classes on

I enjoy research and learning new things. I specifically love communications (including everything from fine art to blogging).

If I am to be honest my greatest happiness in my career has come from sharing what I know and being inspired by others. Maybe my dream job is to be a professor. I have loved the idea since I was a little girl. Then I would be able to share what I know and be inspired by students and colleagues. Maybe it will be very much like a previous job where I had a staff that I was able to mentor. I’m not sure exactly what the dream job would be, but I know things I love in a job.

For now, I love what I do and I am enjoying finding every opportunity I can to teach and to learn with it. I am so thankful for what opportunities I have been given. I am happy to go to work though my happiness is not dependent on my job.

Yes, I believe in dream jobs. Just like anything else though it is important to remember that nothing is ever perfect all the time. What will keep you happy is honoring yourself and what makes you happy most of the time.

Life sometimes involves taking calculated risks. These risks are magical. You may fail or fly, but either way you have learned something new. And you know how much I love learning…so if you have a dream don’t let others quell your spirit. Just give it a go if that is where your heart is pulling you. It is never wrong to be true to your heart’s desire and be the best version of yourself.

❤ Always, Jenny