Newly Vegan: First Take

My first reaction to going vegan is it is not as hard as I was lead to believe. I’d been a vegetarian for many years, but I was always cautioned that it was such a challenge to be vegan. It has been a challenge, but a pretty easy one so far.

I was already toying with the idea of being vegan when I went to lunch with a friend about a month ago. I was being ‘mostly vegan’ but partaking still in dairy (just less of it). The waitress and my friend joked about us being from Wisconsin and how we have to have cheese. I laughed too, but I thought to myself…’no, actually I don’t.’ I laughed it off, but I really thought to myself that there are things that are important and I choose what goes into my body.

Then I got supremely grossed out when the waitress knowing I was vegetarian brought us candy with duck fat and left one for me “just in case something changes.” First of all yuck! I honestly wanted to vomit at the thought of the poor innocent duck that was killed. I don’t normally feel quite so emotional (or I’d just be upset all the time), but you combine the fact that it was a duck with how minimized I felt in terms of my beliefs and you get me totally upset.

I felt although it was coming from a nice place I felt deeply offended as if my belief in not eating animals was as easily pushed to the side. I’m sure veganism still would have been the outcome, but this interaction made me angry and feel that I need to do this for myself.

Exhibit A: Look at this Duckling and Tell Me You Don’t Love It ❤
Baby Duck Via


As with vegetarianism so far people respect that this is the choice I have made for my body and my life and most people are not so insecure to think my choices for my life mean that has any reflection on them. There are of course some rare people that have in my life been disrespectful, but anyone that doesn’t respect the choice you make for your own body is not a nice person and certainly not worth my time. As with my vegetarianism, this is the right choice for my body and my spirit. Will I never eat cheese again? I don’t know. I honestly have zero interest in it at this point. I’ve never wanted to eat meat again. My diet has hardly changed other than being a bit more in control (which for me is a very good thing).

Going vegan made me want to scream from the rooftops that this is what living is like. I already feel much better physically and I feel this matches my spiritual beliefs. I feel like a better version of myself. Being vegan has been a huge help for me in taking care of myself. I love animals and so this just feels right.

❤ Always Jenny


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