The Future, Happiness, & the Here & Now

I think  for a good portion of my life I thought about the future as the time I am living right now, but it looked quite different. Sometimes that makes me sad, but I am coming to realize that is okay and I can change what I don’t like and accept that what I once wanted is not what I need to want now. I don’t have to cling to ideas that no longer feel right or things I thought I wanted, because I can change and it is human nature to change as much as we resist it at times. It is okay to evolve.

It is okay to not know exactly what I want in all areas of life, but rather know how I want to feel and I don’t need all the answers on how exactly I am going to find my happiness. The point is to just keep striving towards things that make you happy and when you aren’t happy focus on what you can do in the moment to change it. At least that is how I feel.

I am embracing that with any change you are taking calculated risks. You don’t really need to know exactly what you want. It is okay to not know where you will find happiness and where you fit in, but to take a calculated risk towards where your heart is being pulled and to be try to be happy with where you are right now.

I once heard the Dalai Lama say that the one thing that all people want is to be happy.

Beyond all our differences and various backgrounds all people want to be happy. This has stuck with me through the years. I honestly have thought about this a lot with regards to compassion for myself and other people. We might be lacking skills or we might be very adept at this thing called life, but when it comes down to it we are all just trying to find happiness. No one has it all together. We all are slightly a mess inside our own heads and peace comes from being grateful for the moment and that life does not stop. It constantly changes and so a bad turn of luck can simply change like the tides in the sea.


I didn’t see this being my life. It isn’t good or bad. This is just my life now and it won’t be the same tomorrow or a year from now and I really have no idea exactly where I want to be in 10 years, but I can say that I am embracing being work in progress. I suppose that is what this blog is documenting.

My plans for the future? I have them and I certainly have strong ideas about the things that bring me joy both in work and in life, but now they are rooted in place of self-love and self-discovery and being open to the shameless pursuit of enjoying my life now as much as I can and planning for a future that allows me to do what makes me smile. In a nutshell, in the future I plan to be happy. The rest are just details subject to change.

❤ Jenny